Our mission is to provide emergency medical care to people on Bainbridge during a large-scale crisis. Our volunteer team is trained by Remote Medical International and certified as Wilderness First Responders.

During a disaster and after ensuring the safety of their families and neighbors, Bainbridge Island Emergency Medical Responders (BIEMRs) will report to the numerous emergency hubs throughout the Island. Citizens who need medical assistance may seek help at the nearest hub. Ideally, there will be a hub within 2 miles of every Island residence.

Those needing additional help will eventually be transported from the hub to the next level of care, such as local clinics or regional hospitals.

The BIEMR Team is also available to provide medical care for local events, such as concerts and races. Volunteering for events helps keeps our skills sharp. To request BIEMR participation at your event, contact Christina Aitchison, Events and Scheduling.

Who Are the BIEMRs?

The Bainbridge Island Emergency Medical Responders (BIEMRs) team was founded in the fall of 2017. Members are volunteers who successfully complete the Wilderness First Responder one-week hybrid course taught by Remote Medical International through a special arrangement with the City of Bainbridge Island.


Spring 2019 Wilderness First Responder Training

Bainbridge Island needs you. Our community’s Emergency Management strategy combines the resources of the City of Bainbridge Island, The Bainbridge Island Fire Department, community organizations such as Bainbridge Prepares, and most importantly community volunteers. We need volunteers to complete the Wilderness First Responder training and join the BIEMR Team.

As a trained Wilderness First Responder (WFRs), you would be volunteering to staff an emergency hub during a crisis (after securing your family’s safety) in order to provide emergency medical care until patients can be transported to more definitive care. You would be joining more than 70 of your neighbors who have already done the training. The training is empowering, fun, and challenging.

Winter Wonderland

BIEMRs in Winter Wonderland

Bainbridge Island Emergency Medical Responders staffed the First Aid booth at the Bainbridge Island Parks’ Winter Wonderland festival this past Saturday, December 8, at Waterfront Park. There were no major injuries, but the BIEMRs provided a few bandaids and, in conjunction with Community Emergency Response Team members, helped fix a light failure on the festival displays. They also helped rope some 20-foot-tall nutcrackers.


Our team is made up of more than 50 trained volunteers. In addition to keeping their Wilderness First Responder certifications active, the BIEMRs must also participate in at least two trainings and two events annually.

The BIEMR team leads are Christina Aitchison, Sarah Lane, and Clint Pells.

If you’re interested in joining us, shoot an email to emcobiteam@bainbridgewa.gov.

Have a question? Send us an email:

Events and Scheduling: Christina Aitchison

Training: Clint Pells

Communications: Sarah Lane


Contact us at emcobiteam@bainbridgewa.gov.